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Property address17 Battery Pl
Alternate address(es)2-26 Washington St1-17 West St1 western Union worldwide Plz
Zip code10004
Block & lot00015-7501
Building nameOcean

Lot dimensionsSubscribe
Lot sqft64,633
Buildings top top lot2
Property classSpecial condominium Billing lot (R0)
Year built1902
Building Sq. Ft.Subscribe

Built in between 1902 and 1904, the Whitehall structure retains much of its original turn-of-the-century charm but offers residents modern-day amenities as well. This residential structure was draft by the famous architect Henry J. Hardenbergh and also is one of the most visible and memorable structures in the jae won District. The original building was together a success that from 1908 - 1910 a 31-story tower, named better Whitehall, was constructed overlooking the original building. This tower was the largest office structure in new York City when it was built.

The facade is elegant limestone, and also the style is based upon a neo-Renaissance layout that consists of a classic base, shaft, and capital the complements the structure itself. It was designated as an separation, personal, instance landmark in 2000 and is within two miles of an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school. The closest subway terminal is Broadway & Battery Park in ~ the Northwest Corner, which solutions the 4 and also 5 subway lines, and also is 450 feet far from the Whitehall Building.

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Neighborhood:Financial District
School district:2
Residential Units:500
Commercial Units:123
Maximum floor area ratio:Subscribe

Closest Police station: 1.06 mile
Closest Fire station: 0.29 mile
Certificate the occupancy:Subscribe

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