Posting this as there is a most misinformation about our group. We room not griefers or killing hobos. We have a really strict rule of Engagement. Any type of 13th Legion pilot who violates our RoE is topic to discipline (and banishment for repeat offenses), and we invite any kind of pilot who feels a 13th Legion pilot has actually violated your oath to carry us evidence of such.13th Legion RoE:1) any Federation-aligned pilot (Winters or Hudson) is KOS (Kill top top Sight). This consists of ANY form of ship, and also ANY ability level, return we do encourage mercy top top noob pilots or very weak ships.2) any type of known terrorist is KOS. This encompass members that SDC, RSM, etc. Members that said groups can be killed regardless of aligned power.3) NO FACTION or non-Federation ships can not be attacked, uneven they have committed a crime against the Empire. This contains WANTED pearls in royal space. Want ships in non-Imperial an are may be attacked, unless their WANTED status was obtained in a manner the helps the Empire. Assaulting an royal officer (13th Legion member) or Imperial-aligned ship counts together a crime versus the Empire.4) Empire-aligned ships need to be helped at every costs, and also any Imperial-aligned ship may request back-up from any 13th Legion members available. Attacking an Imperial-aligned delivery is a an important offense in the 13th Legion, uneven the Imperial-aligned ship has committed a crime against the Empire.5) The only exception to our RoE is during a system blockade. If the 13th Legion is blockading a system (such together a CG that helps the Federation), any kind of ship may be attacked, although the is protocol to inform said pearls of the blockade and allow them a possibility to high-wake out of system.To summarize, if you space not a Fed, a terrorist, or a criminal want by the Empire, you have actually nothing to are afraid from the 13th Legion. Further, if you room an royal pilot in great standing, you have actually the option to speak to on the 13th Legion at any type of time for assistance.Fly dangerous CMDR"s.For the Empire.CMDR Nightshady lord Commander, 13th Legion imperial Combat Wing

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Smecca is BMFE

Apr 24, 2017

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Was that you males at the critical "anarchy vs feds" CG the posted messages all the moment in local, follow me the lines of "this mechanism is in lockdown, every players through interdictors will certainly be questioned etc etc"?