This write-up is aimed for readers born before 1960 when running 100 yards was the norm, especially in the USA.

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There has actually been a many buzz ~ above how rapid Usain Bolt can run a 40 garden dash, which were fuelled by the chris Johnson’s current 40 yard an obstacle to recognize the world’s Fastest Man.  (Shades the Donovan Bailey and also Michael Johnson circa 1997 concerned mind.  friend can’t to compare a 100m come 200m, permit alone a 40 yard to a 100m)

The 100 yard dash is exactly 91.44 meters

In 1964, Bob Hayes set the WR the 9.1 seconds for 100 yards which was equaled by man Carlos in 1969.  over there were also some reports the 9.0 performances.

At that time, the 100 meter people Record was 9.9 hand timed.

Based on these results, in theory, you can extrapolate her 100 garden dash time by including 0.8 seconds if you were an upstream sprinter.  climate again, some 100 meter races room won and also lost throughout those last 8.5 meters!

Of course, a slower 100 garden dash time would need a bigger extrapolation (0.9?) as result of the drop in top finish speed.  there is no resolved rule.

If you desire to see some sample upstream times for the 100 yards, Track and Field News has actually a quite compilation the the history of US nationwide Championships results for the 100 yards and meters.  note they ran the 100 yards up until the early on 1970’s however on the Olympic year, they ran the Nationals (which doubled as the Trials) in meters.

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Usain Bolt and also the 100 yard dash

acquisition his 9.58 splits indigenous 2009 WC in Berlin, Usain Bolt split 90 meter in 8.75.

You can take his last 10m segment (0.83 sec) and also multiply the by 0.144 to acquire 0.1195 seconds. 

That renders a grand complete of 8.75 + 0.12 = 8.87 seconds for an approximate 100 yard dash.  Subtract 0.24 indigenous FAT to HT, and also you space looking in ~ 8.6 or 8.7 hand time.

You have the right to argue how quick John Carlos’ 9.1 would be if that had much better spikes, better training, and faster tracks, however I’ll save that because that the documentary.

On the next WC, ns would favor to watch the IAAF setup 2 finish lines with the very first one at 91.44 meters.

Why not?  Usain is credited for the 150 meter people Record.

Maybe someday Usian can hold 11 people records concurrently?  He’s currently at 4.  and also counting.

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