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Why you dont have what you want…

by Monica Aparicio on June 10, 2013

Do you ever feel like you have been waiting a very long time for something that you have been wanting?

Does it frustrate you because you’re beginning to feel like it won’t ever come?

I know what that’s like.

After my divorce I spent about 6 years being single. While I did enjoy my new sovereign state of independence at first, after the first 2 years I began to yearn for a new stable relationship. No one seemed to be interested in me for anything more than a few dates. Soon I started to wonder:  “What’s wrong with me?” “ Why doesn’t anybody want me?”

It was painful to be the single woman sitting with a bunch of couples whenever I went out with my friends for dinner. I really couldn’t figure it out then and looking back at my situation in retrospect, I know now that I wasn’t open to receiving because I was closed off to giving.

Divorce, in any shape and form is a traumatizing life event that can leave financial, emotional and mental impact on a person. My divorce made me feel like a failure, like I wasn’t good enough for love. To protect my heart from further damage I closed my heart off and put up a barbed wire fence around it.

Yes, I said I wanted a new relationship. Yes, I said I was ready to love again, but when I met someone new I never opened up and I never shared what was really on my mind. I kept my conversation very surface and steered away from any topic that would reveal too much of who I was. How silly to think that anyone would feel compelled to be in an intimate relationship with me when I was clearly putting up a wall in front of me. I was so busy looking outward, at others’ reactions to me that I didn’t take ownership of how I was being. To make matters worse I focused on everything I thought was wrong with me.

Whatever it is you are wanting in your life you must come to notice how receptive you are to receiving it.

One way to check your receptivity is to pay attention to how you are GIVING. In my desperate hunt for love I was giving off emotional unavailability and mistrust. I was unwilling to GIVE the thing I wanted the most; authentic connection. When we do not FIRST GIVE what we want we make it very hard to RECEIVE IT. As my mentor, Bob Proctor says “What you have in your life is a reflection of what you are giving”.

The reason is because we are vibrating at a totally different level than the thing we desire. As Law of Attraction states: we attract to us that which is in harmony with us. The Law of Receiving requires that we first GIVE, in order to RECEIVE. It also asks that we let go of something OLD in order for the new thing to occupy space. In my case I had to let go of the FEAR that I wasn’t good enough. I had to create the intention of trust and love in what I was putting out there.

Wanting something is not merely enough to bring it forth into your life. The act of GIVING sets you up in an ACTIVE STATE of RECEIVING and it is the intention behind what you give that determines the quality of what you will receive. Giving just for the purpose of receiving has behind it a vibration of WANTING. What is needed for you to receive is to be in a vibration of relaxed faith, knowing that what you want is on it’s way to you. That sets you up in receptivity.

Watch Bob teach the LAW OF RECEIVING here.

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