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What do you really want?

by Monica Aparicio on April 15, 2013

Last week I got invited to see Alicia Keys in concert at Madison Square Garden. It was such a huge treat! Alicia performed a song off her new album that sent chills down my spine and tears rolling down my face (yeah, you might have noticed that I cry a lot! I’m sensitive! What can I say?)

The song is entitled Brand New Me (here is a link to the song) It hit me deeply because I’m currently in the process of so much change in every single area of my life. All of this movement has got me feeling as though life is one big mystical experience.

For example, last Monday when I walked out of the house I looked up and saw the first buds on barren tree branches just beginning to bulb. The sky was gray and there was a chill in the air. It was as though Winter was saying it’s last goodbye while simultaneously Spring was ushering in the rain to feed the flowers.

That’s what life feels like these days; endings and beginnings happening all at once. As I release the winter of my life I cannot help but feel empty similar to those tree branches, waiting for the blooming of the buds.

That’s the thing about change, it puts you in the space of transition, in the “in between” time of not knowing what will come.

What I do know is that I want more  freedom, peace, joy, love, and purpose in my life, so I let those feelings guide my actions as I move forward. This way I can’t go wrong.

Your feeling is your vibration. It’s the signal you send out. It determines what you will receive and what will come your way.

Combine your desired feeling with focused action and you have a recipe for becoming the master of your life!

As we arrive at week 7 and the final step of the Recover Your Freedom process, you will learn how getting clear on the feelings you want to experience will allow you to create the life you really want. This week’s video will walk you through the process, so be sure to watch the video and download the worksheet below.


Rewrite Your Story and Live Life Your Way

If YOU,  are craving more freedom, peace, joy, love and purpose in your life, then do not hesitate and register now for our upcoming one day Urban Retreat. We are halfway full for this incredible one day of transformation, so don’t miss out and register now. Click here to register!

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