I can really feel the shifts happening. I always seem more relaxed and energized after each session. – Steve Fulop

F*#$%@ amazing! You guys changed my life…seriously – you do such amazing work. I want to collaborate!  – Kate Stefans

Lisa and Monica created a space for me to be completely transformed and supported. They challenged me when I needed it and helped me in ways that I didn’t know I needed help in. This workshop has done for me what years of therapy didn’t do. I am so grateful to be able to come here and know I’ll get just what I need every time. Its such a beautiful experience! I am so grateful for you beautiful ladies and your loving support. – Eve Cowan

The diverse, yet beautiful complimentary attitudes and approaches of the Monica and Lisa duo, combined with the sheer transformative power of breathwork, have allowed for a depth of healing and expansion in me unlike anything I’ve experienced before. – Sherry Mills 

This is truly powerful, and a way to achieve your goals. – Rodrigo Quiroz

I feel whole. Strong. – Susan Lee

My body to spoke to me and expressed it’s needs in a way your mind can not ignore. Mireille Marcon

Very fulfilling, relaxing. It confirmed that I’m on the right track.  – Aurore Fagnen 

Positive. I feel a little more clear.  – Andrea Sorvillo

If you are interested in growing and finding what you need to move forward in life successfully, breathwork is a powerful tool.  – Lisa Connelly

After my first workshop I quit smoking. It is 3 weeks later and today, the steps I need to take to make positive changes in my life are so clear. I would like to thank you both for this gift and for the nurturing and comforting me through my process. You and your work are truly amazing. – Alyssa Millman

My experience was awesome! Healing! Healthy! – Andrew Venegas

We need to get all of NYC BREATHING!  – Michelle Goldblum

Soulful, peaceful, blissful, enlightening…coming back home. – Alison Leipzig

Excellent. I am me again. Charged.   – Nicole Fler

The work that Monica and Lisa do is absolutely revolutionary and deeply important. As a person who has done tons and tons of movement and breathwork in her life, I have never experienced such a profoundly liberating method as the one Monica and Lisa teach. A must for anyone who wants to be free in their lives. Lisa Fabrega

Expansive, healing, clarifying, inspiring. – Jake Mabenta

I met my biggest fear in the face during meditation. I was satisfied with it and became overwhelmed with emotion. – Jeannine Giaquinto

I would use these techniques in my every day life to deal with stress. 

Peaceful, magical, enlightening, nurturing, relaxing, freeing, therapeutic. – Katherin Musslewhite

This was an absolutely amazing experience. Both Lisa and Monica were so loving and encouraging which really enhanced my ability to let go, give over to the work, and have an incredible experience of emotional releases and a new ability to tap into my full power.  – Stacey Raymond

Amazing. Natural high. So healing. One of a kind. – Nicole Moore

Joyful, beautiful, loving, expanding, liberating. I am extremely grateful.  – Jennifer Osgood

Infinite love. Affinity. I had the opportunity to love myself.  – Carissa Ann Santos

Very different, but i felt a great sense of clarity and calm and presence in the moment. – Lauren Stone

Great group of people, beautiful space and touching humanity. – Nathalie Michel

I could feel the way I hold tension in every piece of me. Now I know what to work on – the whole.  – Katy Cunningham

Your workshops are so transformational, liberating and unique. The energy you bring to them is nurturing, powerful and so very very appreciated. Thank you! – Paula Orozco

Your workshops are inspirational. Clearing the space today with our shamanic ritual + quiet dancing was amazing. I think it’s a must for all your workshops!
Lindsay Wilson

Doing breathwork helps me feel more calm, present and grounded. Alex

For a first timer and not knowing what to expect from your workshop, I was completely impressed with everything. I was able to let myself follow your every move with trust and guidance…The atmosphere, the people, and the space was right. I got to learn how to take a moment to breath and now know how to, so when the going gets tough I will be breathing. Vicky

Breath work has been an integral tool in getting to know myself much more deeply. I am now aware of patterns that are unhealthy and  understand where they come from. This allows me to un-cover the path to experiencing myself with freedom and love. Coupled with regular meditation, breath work has been the most direct way for me to experience my mental-emotional-physical-spiritual self all at once. I feel so much more clarity and trust in myself.Krista

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