The Science Behind Breath Work

This therapy is grounded in Dr. Alexander Lowen’s work on Bioenergetics, which spans five decades of research, personal experimentation and continued application in his practice. Lowen, as a student and patient of Dr. William Reich for 12 years, based Bioenergetic analysis on the teachings of Reich, which emphasizes the relationship of the body and mind by linking physical pain and muscular tension with mental states and suppressed emotion. Reichian therapy referenced a person’s character with the attitude and posture of the body.

Biodynamic breath work incorporates Bioenergetics to ground the body, open the breath and reestablish the free flow of energy in the body. Components of active meditation modalities created by Osho, an enlightened Indian mystic are weaved into the participant’s experience to support a complete presence of body and mind.

Biodynamic Breath is deep, guided breathing that is done through an open mouth while lying down with eyes closed, usually following a series of exercises and body movements designed to ground and open the body. Bioenergetics uses the energy of the whole body and the power of focused breath to allow the release of holdings in the body and body armor formed over a lifetime. This unique and dynamic therapy integrates dance, free flow movement, role playing, writing meditation activities and group process work.

By releasing physical and emotional blocks the participant becomes fully available, as space is literally opened up for new information to be absorbed and retained. Participants literally become larger vessels or containers for learning as they become more present in the mind and grounded in the body.

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