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Scared & did it anyway…

by Lisa Meta Griff on April 23, 2013

With our one day Urban Retreat coming up on Sunday I’ve been thinking about the moment I decided to do the breath work training back in 2007 (where Monica and I met) This was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. At the time, I was dealing with a food addiction and a lot of negative self talk that kept me from enjoying my life.

Even though on the outside it looked like everything was ok, I was so stuck believing what my mind was telling me and feeling that change was beyond scary.

The confusion around this decision was pure torture and I went back and forth for weeks and weeks trying to decide; watching my mind come up with every excuse it could to keep me exactly where I was; stuck, sad, and unhappy!

I didn’t decide to join the training until 8:45 am the morning it started with only 15 minutes to get there! This turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! But, why was it so hard for me to do? I knew deep down it was going to help me and I would have to let go of the story I was telling myself that was keeping me in this familiar place. I would have to look at the reasons why I didn’t love myself andlearn a new way of thinking and being. I knew it was going to be work!

During our training we had to write two essays; one half way through and other towards the end, so that we could reflect on our journey and acknowledge the shifts we had made. I want to share an excerpt from one of my essays, so that if you,<<First Name>>, are thinking about signing up for this Sunday’s life changing day, you will know it’s totally normal to feel scared or confused. Just know that the decision to show up,begins to create the change.

“My journey started even before the course did.  The decision to enroll opened my eyes to my issues around indecision and being easily influenced by others. This confusion led me to tap into a deeper place within myself and then the choice became clear. Confusion is just clarity in disguise. I realized I had to take action and do something different if I wanted to see a difference in my life. So breathing it is.

An overwhelming sense of alone was looming over me at that time  – one that began to make me feel so isolated and different from everyone around me. A constant need to change, to be someone else, as if life was on hold…waiting. Waiting to be thinner for life to really start. Waiting for a boyfriend to really enjoy New York. Waiting for love to be able to love myself. Life was filled with extremes, bouncing me from one end to the other making balancing life harder for myself than it needed to be.  Addictions. Distractions. Obsessions. Excuses. Laziness. Disconnection.

Breathing is allowing me to make the body mind connection and release pent up tensions stored inside, deep inside. It is coming more and more clear how much I am in my head and not my body, not feeling. I am committed to this change.  A commitment to live in the moment, with self-love and self-acceptance. To embrace who I am exactly as I am today by understanding the way I have stored the past in my body and RELEASE it. A practice, yes. A way of life, yes.  And this is all bringing me closer to my true self. A light so bright it is blinding.

No more denying myself the right to be me. No more comparing myself to anyone…”

If you are ready to make a change in your life, to connect to yourself in a new way, to try something different so you can free yourself from the patterns you are stuck in  and experience  more peace, joy, love and purpose in your life, then REGISTER NOW for the one day Urban Retreat! Seriously, what do you have to lose?! (except for the limitations holding you back) You will not leave the same, as you walked in!

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