Urban Breath NYC is run by co-owners Lisa Meta Griff and Monica Aparicio who met in 2007 during their Breath Work Practitioner Training in New York City. Upon completion of their studies they parted ways to journey along parallel paths of self-discovery. Lisa lived in India for 6 months, where she assisted breath work training at The Osho’s Meditation Center in Pune. Back in New York, Monica had founded Urban Breath NYC and was leading breath work and moving meditation workshops in Midtown, Manhattan.

Upon reuniting in 2010, both Lisa and Monica discovered that their personal stories had a theme of overcoming cycles of addiction. Currently, they organically fuse their shared background and variety of skills to support others in breaking free from the patterns of thought and behavior holding them back in their lives.

Owing their personal transformation to breath work, Monica and Lisa are passionate about sharing this empowering tool with others who are ready to permanently change their lives with less struggle.

Using breath and movement they guide you from an external “busy mind” space to an internal quiet space of healing and meditation. Biodynamic breath as a body oriented therapy, effectively aides in healing trauma, chronic pain and tension as well as releasing and reducing stress. Because this therapy uses a very deep, guided breath it makes healing at a cellular level possible. People who do this work all report experiencing deep emotional healing and feeling more integrated and grounded in their bodies. 

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