Q. What is biodynamic breath work?
Biodynamic Breath work as the name suggests is highly dynamic in nature. This work fuses free flow dance, reflective writing , group sharing, role playing, active meditations and bioenergetics (exercises that use the energy of the whole body). The core of the work is the breath session; done lying down with eyes closed, breathing through an open mouth.

Q. What are the main benefits of this type of breath work?
On a surface level this breath therapy will help quiet your busy mind and help you integrate into your body so that you can be fully present. Because you will breathe in a much fuller and complete way your body will be oxygenated. Most  participants experience deep relaxation and release of body aches and mental tension.

Participants have quit smoking after a few breath sessions, many report sleeping better, decreasing the use of alcohol and other addictive substances. On a deeper level, biodynamic breath work is the fastest route to personal transformation you might ever experience.

Q: What happens at an Urban Breath NYC workshop – what can I expect?
Every UBNYC workshop is focused around a different theme, such as Discovering Passion and Purpose. The structure of the workshops are similar in that we usually begin meeting in a circle as a group. We explain and demonstrate what the breath session looks like. Sometimes we prompt a brief share or an individual writing exercise. We follow this with free flow dancing or a series of bio energetic exercise to get the blood in your body moving, increase your heart rate and get you grounded in your body. A 45 minute breath session is done while participants lie on individual mats.

We then close the workshop by once again meeting in a circle as a group to share and answer questions.

Q: How is this breath work different from yoga and other forms of breath therapy?
Biodynamic breath work is done through the mouth only. You breathe in a connected manner, inhaling fully through the mouth and then immediately exhaling, with no pause in between.  This type of breath is actually more natural to us.  It  is the way in which we breathe when we are fully and actively engaged in a high energy activity, such as dancing, running or making love.

Pranayama is done through the nose and requires a conscious thinking effort to control the breath at all times. With Biodynamic breath the thinking logical mind is disengaged – allowing the innate wisdom of the body to guide the process.

Q: How often should I be doing breath work?
Even though you will experience the therapeutic effects immediately after your first breath session it is ideal to breathe every 2-3 weeks.  It is good to give yourself time to integrate and reflect whenever taking on any journey of self growth and development.

It has taken a lifetime of experiences and  traumas to be stored within your body’s tissues, so some time is needed to allow for the release of deeply buried memories.

This is a practice that can be integrated into a healthy way of living.

Q: Why is this type of breath work so effective – what is the science behind it?
Nobody thinks of oxygen as medicine,  but it has very deep healing capabilities.  The reaction of high levels of oxygen reacting to your unique chemistry is similar to a white blood cell  attacking a wound; oxygen begins to penetrate deeply into the cells of your body so that healing occurs at a cellular level.

Q: Who is this work for?
•  Individuals who are ready to live their bigger vision of life!
•  Those who are open minded enough to “think outside the box”.
•  Individuals ready to experience more freedom, fun and purpose in their life.
•  Those willing to give 100% of their effort to move in the direction of their dreams.
•  Anyone ready to be fuly liberated of the constraints they are experiencing.

Q: What are the benefits of this work?
•  Begin to heal physically and mentally at a cellular level so REAL change occurs
•  Accelerate change in a stress free way so you FAST TRACK your transformation
•  Learn effective tools to keep you motivated and inspired
•  Start to release old emotional wounds and trauma buried within your subconscious
•  Reduce stress and anxiety so you can experience more calm and relaxed energy
•  Feel more grounded, focused and comfortable in your own skin
•  Experience more pleasure, FUN and freedom in your life


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