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Ever feel like there is something more?

by Monica Aparicio on May 13, 2013

On Saturday afternoon Lisa and I had a phone conversation in which we shared deeply, from the intimate developments of our love lives to the fears we both have around failure and success in our individual businesses. (Both Lisa and I have our own separate businesses apart from Urban Breath NYC )

Even though we have each come a long way since the days of taking our breath training together we still have days in which we panic and are full of doubt and worry. It’s a constant reminder that growth is a continuous process and no matter how much work you do on yourself there is always another level of awareness and evolution to reach for.

We hear this from our coaches all the time. These highly successful people who have created million dollar businesses helping so many others, constantly remind us that there is always more to reach for, more to open your mind to and more to learn. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to actually KNOW this, especially when I’m down in the dumps, doubting myself and my choices.

The beautiful thing about feeling down is that it’s an opportunity for a higher state of awareness to be possible. When you are feeling low, depressed, anxious, lonely, worried and stressed, LIFE is calling you to remember. Remember how you arrived at that state of being. When did you start to feel that way? What events occurred that caused you to respond in this way?

Asking yourself questions allows you to gain understanding of yourself, which empowers you to choose very differently as you continue moving forward. Choosing different thoughts and actions will result in different results in your life.

On our conversation Lisa and I spoke of the choices we each knew we could make, choices that would raise us up from worry and doubt into conscious creative control. When I hung up the phone I felt empowered and I actually felt better. In a short amount of time, through thoughtful exploration of our feelings and sharing of our actions, Lisa and I could better understand what to do next in our lives.

It wasn’t always this easy or simple. We both owe much of our warp speed growth over the last year and a half to two amazing mentors, whose work has shifted everything in our lives dramatically.

Breath work is the first powerful tool we both experienced that changed our lives. The 11 Universal Laws taught by Mary Morrissey and Bob Proctor is the second most powerful tool that has transformed the way we experience LIFE. And since Lisa and I are extremely committed to helping you improve your experience of LIFE, we just had to share this with you!!

So for the next 11 weeks we will be sharing these amazing lessons with you. Seriously, you do not want to  miss it. I will go as far as saying, share them with your family, friends and anyone else you care about and get ready to have your mind blown!!

If you learn best in person, then join us for our upcoming URBAN RETREAT. This full day retreat in the city is already filling up, so don’t miss out and reserve your spot now.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

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