Urban Breath NYC uses the power of BioDynamic breath and moving meditation to accelerate your transformation. 

BioDynamic Breath can support you in focusing and creating the consistent action necessary to achieve any goal; whether it be losing weight, leaving your job or having a healthy and loving relationship in your life. The reaction of your body’s chemistry with the increased intake of oxygen literally starts to rewire your brain so that the mental blocks that are keeping you stuck begin to disappear.  What you desire is then recorded within your body’s cells, supporting you in working towards the fruition of your goals with less struggle and more ease.

With the use of Biodynamic breath you will be able to drop into a meditative state while allowing this powerful therapy to ease tension, reduce stress and remove subconscious blocks that have been stored deep within your body’s tissues for years.

If you are struggling with cycles of being stuck and feeling numb, BioDynamic Breath  can help you change your life – FAST!

“When you are saying that you are happy and you are not, there will be a disturbance in your breathing. Your breathing cannot be natural. It is impossible.”  – Osho

Our breath meditation workshops are all highly energetic. They are designed for every participant to be actively engaged. Using movement and breath we guide you from an external “busy mind”  space to an internal quiet space of healing and meditation.

Our workshops are a unique fusion of  Bioenergetic exercises, which use the energy of the entire body, group process work, role playing, reflective writing and active meditation  based on the work of Osho, an enlightened Indian mystic. A guided breath therapy session done while lying down through an open mouth with eyes closed is at the core of every workshop. This is not traditional sit down meditation!

Urban Breath NYC was founded by Monica Aparicio and Rikard Skogberg, certified Biodynamic Breath Work practitioners and graduates of Energy Of Breath Institute. And is currently run by Monica Aparicio and Lisa Meta Griff, also a breath practitioner and Energy of Breath graduate.

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